Monday, November 26, 2007


It seems like since July, I've had guy friends leaving on missions left and right! My friend Nathan went to Russia, Richard to France, Brandon to Canada, Jack to Brazil, and pretty soon Dave will be going to Chile and Zach to Russia and David to Hawaii! Here's some pictures of the recent departures:

Brandon and I in our matching blue stripes the weekend before he left on his mission. I'm going to miss this kid- we had a lot of fun whenever we hung out, and I know he's going to be a great missionary!

I couldn't decide which picture to post of Dave and I, so I put all three!

Yay so nice...

....but this is probably a more accurate picture of us.

As is this one. I'll miss Dave a lot- he is definitely one of my best friends. Haha now I'm not quite sure who I'll call at one in the morning when I have to drive home by myself, or who will take me out every time i come home... and who will I send my cool cell phone pictures to? Dave is one of those people from whom I have learned what a real friendship is- there are certainly ups and downs, but the times that I have really needed a friend, Dave has been there. So to Dave- my crazy best friend, I know he'll do well in Chile and I'm excited for him.

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