Monday, October 29, 2007

More Party Pictures...

A bunch of kids at our party- Ben totally leaned in front of Haylie, so all you can see is her pink shirt! Kaylie is next to her in a cowgirl costume, and then there's emo Jared... haha, my date from last weekend, if you can recognize him.

Amanda as a jamba juice girl and Pat as a cowboy- I just thought this picture was funny for some reason.

Ben, as Linus (spelling?) and me- gotta love that red lipstick! Haha and Ben's security blanket adds a nice touch.


Todd and Ann-Michelle said...

wow- you have that "nose up,chin out, lips red and perfect pout" pose down ms. norma jean! anyway- hope to see you at thanksgiving. a-m

Elise said...

That's cool that you guys threw the party-- except for the clean-up, of course. Hope you had a fun Halloween!

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