Sunday, September 30, 2007

Woohoo Weekend!!

So first of all, I needed some new shoes, pretty badly. I found these at Ross for $12!!! And I love them, they are SO comfortable, and although Brian refers to them as "couch shoes" because they're made from tweed, they are my favorite to wear.

Friday night Brian and I went on a date. We went to Salt Lake and had a lot of fun just going random places and taking pictures. When we came back to Provo, we hung out just talking for a while, and then realized that we were out so late, we might as well watch the sunrise. So we drove up to the base of the Y and watched it backwards- turns out the sun rises behind that mountain, but the clouds looked really pretty as the sun shown on them. That's what this next picture is of. I have to say- Brian is the only guy I think I could spend 12 hours with and first of all, not get sick of, but also, we didn't even hold hands! Nothing! Haha- so any of you who read this and thought "Hm something must have happened..."- you're wrong! We talked the entire time, and it was very fun. We also decided that long of a date probably wasn't the best idea to do again, but it was fun for that night.

Cool clouds!


Elise said...

Brian? He's not an RM is he? Should I be looking for something to wear to a wedding?

Elise said...

Those shoes are awesome! And you can't beat $12!!

When I was at BYU, I bought these kick-A plastic Birkenstock clogs (also at Ross) that my then-boyfriend totally hated. Now everyone is wearing those crocs which look remarkably similar. I must be a trend-setter. Or something.

Todd and Ann-Michelle said...

no elise- he is leaving to serve next year, but somehow i was reminded of you and chris when i read about this guy. hmhmhmhmhmmmmm ;)! -the pending mission means we have time to get in prime shape for the big day, tee hee

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